About the Bootcamp

The objective of this LDP is to help aspiring and high-potential women tech entrepreneurs and SMB’s , with the know-how and resources across mentorship, industry access, market perspectives and an overall “Founder Development” platform, that will help them to spin out successful ventures; which in turn can create local knowledge jobs in the economy, and secure the “Future of Jobs”, in Tanzania.

The initiative will be a mix of talks, facilitated workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, and concluding with an end of program showcase event that captures the program impact and reach into the Women in Tech and SMB’s ecosystem in Tanzania. Entrepreneurs that get to be a part of the program will receive mentoring, special access to industry leaders, strategic partners and talents, and connection with clients and investors. We aspire to impact 10 Women entrepreneurs and SMB owners through the program.

What Does The Bootcamp Entail?

This LDP for Women Entrepreneurs will help fast-tracking the development of Tanzania’s most talented women entrepreneurs and innovators, and will help create industry-changing businesses and grow the country’s long-term economic prosperity.

We will accelerate people.

You've got potential. Now take it to the next level.

Turn your ambition into impact.

The ultimate network.

Program Takeaways

5 Days Bootcamp

  • Understanding yourself and your current business approach
    Understanding current state of business as foundation for future growth.
  • It's the people and the art of delegation
    Identifying the types of human resources needed to lead the business to successful growth.
  • Market opportunities and customer development
    Working on the customer - Identification, Value propositionand Acquisition process.
  • Market sales analytics and traction tactics
    Implications of marketing and selling, messaging and customer relations.
  • Deep dive into design
    Using design as a tool to woo customers.
  • Behind the tech
    Minimalistic understanding of tech logic and tech tools.
  • Legalize your business
    Learning everything need to know about law.
  • Operations, processes and automation
    Preparing business operations for growth.
  • Forecasts and being financeable
    Using forecasting spreadsheets and understanding different types of financing available.
  • Understanding finance
    Introduction to basic financial ratios to monitor business and growth.
  • Connecting the Dots
    Leveraging the existing focus on women entrepreneurs to your advantage.
  • Get Set - Present
    Becoming people's person and ready to pitch all the time.


The program will culminate with a thought leadership event and a showcase of the cohort. We aim to bring together a stellar line-up of speakers and industry partners, and offer a fantastic networking opportunity for the cohort.

Cash Prizes

Business Growth Cash Grants for Top-3 startups. $150,000 technology credits to all selected startups.


Our Partners

Strategic Partner

Industry Partner

Program Partners

Our Facilitators

Ajay Ramasubramaniam

Founding Partner

Hindsight Ventures

Jagruti Bista

Founding Partner

Hindsight Ventures

Paul Mandele

Country Lead - Tanzania

Hindsight Ventures

Vanessa Kisowile

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Jumanne Mtambalike


Sahara Ventures

Iain Usiri

Co-Founder & CEO


Mihayo Wilmore

Co-founder & CVO

Twigalpha Limited

Joseph Manirakiza

Programme Manager

FUNGUO Innovation Programme

Francis Omorojie


Ennovate Hub

Irene Kiwia

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Adanian Labs

Farida Kamala

Senior Relationship Manager

ABSA Bank Tanzania

Nellyana Mmanyi

Acting Corporate Director

ABSA Bank Tanzania

Ravindra Rapeti

Innovation Manager

Abin Bev