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ABOUT Founder Development Bootcamp

First-time entrepreneurs lack the basic understanding of business realities, and building a company in general. At the Founder Development Bootcamp, selected entrepreneurs will learn about product innovation, UI/UX, Digital & mobile marketing, technology, growth hack, storytelling, raising investments and hear from successful entrepreneurs on how to build a company.

The objective of the program is to help these entrepreneurs with the know-how and resources across mentorship, industry access, capital and an overall “Founder Development” platform, that will help these talented individuals to spin out successful ventures; which in turn can create local knowledge jobs in the economy, and secure the "Future of Jobs", in Africa.


This FDB for Tech Entrepreneurs will help fast-tracking the development of Tanzania’s most talented entrepreneurs and innovators, and will help create industry-changing businesses and grow the country’s long-term economic prosperity. We aim to accelerate the growth of Tanzania’s most aspiring and talented entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, access to industry, entrepreneur access and an unparalleled founder development platform. The platform will challenge the selected founders to build a new business venture or iterate and scale an existing idea with enormous potential.

  • We will accelerate people.
  • You've got potential. Now take it to the next level.
  • Launch a real business. You choose your founders. It is your idea.
  • Turn your ambition into impact.
  • The ultimate network.

Program Takeaways

Understanding Yourself and Your Current Business Approach

Market Opportunities and Customer Development

Operations, Processes and Automation

Marketing Sales Analytics and Traction Tactics

Using design as a tool to woo customers

Minimalistic understanding of tech logic and tech tools

Introduction to basic financial ratios to monitor business & growth.

Learning everything need to know about Law

Program Partners


Ajay Ramasubramaniam
Founding Partner & CEO
Hindsight Ventures
Jagruti Bista
Founding Partner
Hindsight Ventures
Rohaan Goswami
COO, Director of Product